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G & G AVENUE international light luxury fashion brand

समय: 12/09/2023   स्रोत: बेनामी   क्लिक न्यूम: 1634

近日,法国品牌“G&G AVENUE”国际轻奢潮牌中国大秀奢尚盛典成功落下帷幕,这个成立于1992年的老牌服饰在光叠影、意式风情、潮流气息依然刻印在时尚志士心中,经典瞬间历历在目。本次盛典不仅再现G&G AVENUE国际轻奢潮牌品牌光辉,带领中国迈入国际时尚飓风中心地带,更为代理G&G AVENUE经销商们注入一剂强心针,坚定“小区域,大推广”经营策略,稳中求进,敲开2023年中国轻奢侈服装领域大门。

Recently, the French brand "G & G AVENUE" international light luxury fashion brand China big show luxury and still grand ceremony successfully came to an end. This old dress founded in 1992 is still engraved in the hearts of fashion people, the classic moment in the mind. This grand ceremony not only reproduces the glory of G & G AVENUE international light luxury brand, leads China into the center of international fashion hurricane, but also injects a shot in the arm to G & G AVENUE dealers, firm the business strategy of "small area, big promotion", seek progress in stability, and open the door of China's light luxury clothing field in 2023.

挥手告别“高奢侈快时尚”时代,轻奢品牌一路看好G&G AVENUE奢尚盛典无不流露出轻奢侈气息,让人感受到G&G AVENUE品牌对精致优雅生活与高贵生命态度的追求与执着。正因G&G AVENUE对“轻奢侈”的深度理解与准确定位,赋予了品牌无限亲和力,满足中国个性化时尚需求。不得不说,在一个高端奢侈与快时尚相继落寞的时代,G&G AVENUE精确瞄准近年炙手可热的“轻奢侈”商业概念,致力让G&G AVENUE成为“时尚名仕都消费得起的奢侈品”。

Waving goodbye to the era of "high luxury and fast fashion", light luxury brands are optimistic about G & G AVENUE luxury events show all the light luxury atmosphere, making people feel the G & G AVENUE brand's pursuit and persistence of exquisite and elegant life and noble life attitude. Because of G & G AVENUE's deep understanding and accurate positioning of "light luxury", it endows the brand with unlimited affinity to meet China's personalized fashion needs. It has to be said that in an era of high-end luxury and fast fashion, G & G AVENUE precisely aims at the hot business concept of "light luxury" in recent years, and strives to make G & G AVENUE "a luxury".

据了解,G&G AVENUE国际轻奢潮牌销售全球20个国家及地区,品牌联合100位全球世界各地的设计师开发款式,每周持续不断上新。

It is understood that G & G AVENUE international light luxury fashion brand is sold in 20 countries and regions around the world, and the brand jointly develops styles with 100 designers from around the world, and continues to develop new styles every week.